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Work on extension moves forward

Things are moving on nicely with the LWR’s new line to Pear Tree Lane, with numerous materials and equipment being purchased and delivered. These have been unloaded and moved to the areas where they will be required. The new delivery area built at Pear Tree Lane has enabled lorries to reverse in off the public highway to unload, some managing to reverse all the way up to the end of the line where work is being carried out.

“After over a year of ground works and preparations such as drainage, culverts, surveying and levelling, all of which although essential, do not really show as physical progress”, said P-Way spokesman Cliff Leonard. “It is a great boost to be laying track and ballasting that shows the results of everyone’s hard work”.

Rail has been sorted into matched pairs for length, height and head wear, ready to be towed into position where they will be inserted into the new line. More sleepers have been moved from the storage areas and placed on the new track bed. Another 300 tonnes of base stone and ballast arrived recently, which was spread and laser levelled ready for the next batch of sleepers and rails to be laid on.

This ¾ mile extension is just the first phase of our plan to bringing another five miles of the former East Lincolnshire Railway back to life by rebuilding the line southwards to Louth, where a site for a new terminus station has been set aside near the town’s Fairfield industrial estate.

 All change at North Thoresby

One key element of the line extension is the requirement for a run-round loop at North Thoresby, which will involve increasing the length of the existing platform by approximately 200 metres southwards to allow space in the future for a five-coach train plus the loco.

Because an 11,000 volt electricity cable runs underground on the site parallel to the line, the platform extension will need to be built of a wooden cantilever construction. The diagram above shows the revised track layout when completed.

To find out more about the LWR’s extension plans or to donate to the ‘Making Tracks for Louth’ appeal, click here.

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