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Keeping the age of steam alive!

Entirely by Dedicated Volunteers!

#LoveYourRailway Campaign

The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway was honoured to be part of the UK Wide Campaign “LoveYourRailway” during the summer of 2021.
The campaign launched on 26th July through to the closing date of 5th September – a six week event aimed to raise awareness of Heritage Railways in the UK through social media channels, to promote the important work heritage railways do with regards to conservation, education & research.
Each week had a different theme which we had to explain our understanding of that theme along with a picture.  You can view below our posts as part of the #LoveYourRailway Campaign.
Here’s the first theme of the #LoveYourRailway Campaign.
No 1 – Heritage
We are the only standard gauge heritage steam railway in Lincolnshire. It is very important to us to keep our heritage line running and keeping steam alive, we are living history with a purpose to recreate and preserve railway scenes of the past, for past and future generations to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the era of steam. #LoveYourRailway
Here’s the second theme of the #LoveYourRailway Campaign.
No 2 – Education
To us and so many, keeping steam alive at the LWR is so important with so many reasons and to educate people just how much of an impact the railways had in life and to give an insight into the operations of a heritage steam railway.
Without heritage railways the younger generation and for people who haven’t experienced steam railways would not be able to experience how people used to travel and how much it’s different to modern day railways.
The steam locomotive allowed for the transportation of goods at a much more rapid rate than by horse, this brought down the cost of freight transport and increased profits for many businesses. People could travel faster to different places with the railways connecting various towns.
We also feel that heritage railways can help to educate people about the dangers of the railway and why not to mess around or trespass near them, visiting the stations and getting a close up insight of the locomotives of various shapes and sizes running on the heritage lines can highlight how hazardous the railways can be. #LoveYourRailway
Here’s the third theme of the #LoveYourRailway Campaign.
No 3- Volunteers
The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers, covering all areas from management to maintenance to engine crew, café assistants, platform attendants to entertainment. You do not see behind the scenes of how much work goes into maintaining the heritage lines or how much work goes into preparing the events etc.
Every volunteer is a lifeline of the railway, without volunteers the LWR would not be alive today so we would like to dedicate this theme to saying Thank You to every volunteer at the LWR. #LoveYourRailway
Here’s the fourth theme of the #LoveYourRailway Campaign.
No 4 – Family
The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway is a family friendly tourist attraction. We encourage everyone to visit us whatever the weather with the full family. We are dog friendly as we think its important to offer a tourist attraction which caters for everyone.
It’s very important to have fun / laughter and that’s why we created our events with onboard entertainment – children / adults and even your pet dogs can wear fancy dress on event days & dance along to the music in your seats as you travel along.
Family time is a must to create self esteem, to create bonds and positive behaviours and to create new memories. #LoveYourRailway
Here’s the fifth theme of the #LoveYourRailway Campaign.
No 5 – Sustainability
Heritage Railways are very difficult establishments to sustain, with lots of factors to consider including the cost of coal, the availability of coal in the future, maintenance costs, keeping the public visiting and the recruitment of volunteers to keep the age of steam alive. 
This weeks theme is dedicated to all our guests who support, visit and donate to the LWR and to understanding the challenges faced for heritage railways and for the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.
It’s often not given a second thought by our paying visitors the costs involved and where their money goes…all income from ticket sales and donations go back into keeping the LWR running so this is for you…
Thank You. #LoveYourRailway 
Here’s the final sixth theme of the #LoveYourRailway Campaign.
No 6 – The Future

The restoration of the Grimsby to Louth railway was the long-term objective of the preservation group which was formed when the line was closed by British Rail in 1980.

Ludborough station became the group’s base and then the long haul began to rebuild this historic line as a heritage railway. Since then much progress has been made, and in 2009 a milestone was reached when steam trains started running to North Thoresby.

The plan now continues to extend the line in stages, as funds become available, southwards towards Louth and a little north. The LWR owns the trackbed as far as the industrial estate on the outskirts of Louth – a distance of 5 miles.

This is our future to keep the age of steam alive and to keep our heritage railway alive giving memories to our visitors and giving them a friendly attraction for an enjoyable day out and reliving the era of steam. #LoveYourRailway

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