Keeping the age of steam alive!

The Railway Children

Children from Utterby Primary Academy had a visit behind the scenes at their local steam railway on Thursday 21st March.

The group of four to six year old’s spent the day at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway station at Ludborough and were taken on a tour of the engine sheds, carriage workshops, signal box and museum.

“This visit was part of our term topic on the history of transport, comparing the old and the new” said Teacher Debbie Bramley. The children had already had a demonstration of the workings of a steam engine, watched films of steam trains, used train sets in school, labeled the parts of a train and painted landscapes for steam trains”.

“They had an amazing day at the station. We have high expectations for good behaviour but this is also easier to achieve with well-organised, interesting and well-paced activities, which kept them engaged”.

“The volunteers who staffed the different places and those actively working on renovations made sure the children learned about the work of the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway and kept the activities running smoothly. I also liked the idea of a story after lunch to add more variety with a familiar activity”.

For more information on group visits at the LWR call 01507 363881 or go to

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